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As a Doctor of Chiropractic,

I’ve learned over the years after evaluating thousands of patients, that many of their health related issues have either originated or have been associated with stress. 


One of the ways we have been managing our patient’s stress levels was through delivering chiropractic adjustments to restore and boost the immune system. However, being a lifetime student of health and wellness, I have designed a formula specifically geared to zero in on the essential components which will combat mental fatigue, stress, anxiety, and a depleted immune system, with an emphasis on brain health. 


This first supplement was created as another way to solve this ubiquitous deterrent. Now, we can help not only by adjusting patients at Atlas Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center, but, we can also extend our healing efforts through sustainable nutrition and highest quality supplmentation that has the potential to reach many more lives.

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Stress is a common killer and we all deal with it on a daily basis.

And, it’s not just big pressures that overload us with stress, it’s the everyday nuances imparted in millions of lives – the daily hassles and the way we respond to them. With these chronic, unavoidable stressors come long term penalties. Stress increases inflammation in the body, thereby, damaging tissues, it inhibits immune function, increases susceptibility to infection, and accelerates aging. Reducing stress is essential to improving adrenal function, which ultimately, regulates mood, weight, inflammation, and the immune system.

Another common effect stress has on an individual is its ability to distract and create burdensome worry. These effects hinder one’s performance, focus, creativeness, abilities, and effectiveness in completing vital tasks and challenges life has to offer. Many challenging careers require the mental ease and stamina to conquer the mission at hand.


That is why, we at Yangseed Planet have focused our efforts on a product that not only reduces stress and anxiety, and enhances mood, but, we took it further to incorporate brain health and cognition, mental clarity, and sharper focus. It then made sense to advance it even further by adding anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, immune boosting agents and energizing it with additional vitamins and minerals, creating a superior formula that will have you functioning at an optimal level in order to face life’s challenges. 

It is our mission at Yangseed Planet to inspire health and promote respect for the planet via supplements and healthy lifestyle choices through a sustainable, all natural, earth friendly company. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of ingredients and holding ourselves to the highest standard of product and service. We are a company that associates with core beliefs such as sustainability, transparency, purity, loyalty, and trust. We have no tolerance for anything less than top quality ingredients, traceable to reputable sources, offering a product with satisfaction guaranteed. 

We are dedicated to building a company that promotes interaction with its customer base. One that will promote and encourage living a gratifying life, filled with challenge, adventure, creativity, and inspiration. These Yangseed challenges will be the basis of our interactions, fueling expressiveness and individuality and being met with accountability.